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What is a guarantor loan?

A Guarantor loan is an unsecured personal finance agreement that requires no credit checks, or wage slips or bank statements, all you must simply have is someone who trusts you enough to stand guarantor to your loan agreement, and this is sufficient to qualify.


  • Quick and easy means to procure credit
  • Ignores credit rating of the borrower (no credit checks)
  • Typically larger lending capacity as opposed to a payday loan
  • One of the only ways for many people with bad credit to gain finance
  • Helps to rebuild credit rating
  • Paid into your bank account within 48 hours of the loan being agreed


  • Requires an individual to stand as guarantor

What is a guarantor?

The Guarantor is someone who, in the event that you cannot make the repayments on your loan agreement, will guarantee the balance by paying it on your behalf if you default on your monthly repayments.

It is a position of some responsibility and it is advised that all parties are made aware of what this means before submitting an application.

Who Can Stand as a guarantor for me?

There are no hard and fast rules about who can be a guarantor, however there are a few general guidelines, the person standing guarantor must be someone who has a monthly income, a decent credit history, and the means to pay repayments in the event the borrower cannot.

It is not 100% necessary but it helps if the guarantor is a homeowner, this is because it offers further security to the agreement because of the equity in the property.

How difficult is it to get this kind of loan?

Quite straightforward and simple, you may need to provide proof of income, also the person acting as guarantor will need to do this also.

There is no meeting or interview and in most cases no telephone contact, it is our initiative to make the process as quick and painless as possible for any applicants.

Once agreed the cash will be paid into your account within 48 hours.

Loans agreements like this are becoming more and more necessary in the light of the fact that there are so many people in the UK with a poor credit rating and that are unable to procure finance by more conventional means because their credit file reflects on them poorly for one reason or another.

It is advisable to exercise caution when entering into any loan agreement, as a default on the loan can cause the guarantor to be debited the cash in the event of any difficulty, clear communication is necessary between the lender and the borrow if the repayments cannot be met at any stage of the loan term.

It is easier to successfully apply to be a guarantor in the event that the person who will guarantee the loan, has a good credit rating and a regular source of income, this is because it is seen as a less of a risk to the lenders to borrow the money to the individual  because they have the means and the inclination to pay back the loan in the event that the borrower cannot make the repayments.

Guaranteed financial arrangements like this are becoming more commonplace due to the fact that many uk applicants do not qualify for more normal unsecured finance, many peoples’ credit ratings have fallen fowl of the recession and panic borrowing.

Panic borrowing can mean even things like getting a payday loan, these loan agreements have a notoriously high interest rate and can lead to financial problems in the event that the borrower can’t make a payment, and because the interest rate is so high, this has a snowball effect, meaning that the situation can often get worse and worse.

Having the loan guaranteed helps keep the interest rate down because of the lowered financial risk to the lender and this saving is passed on to the customer, so you can rest easy knowing that with a guarantor agreement you are getting an interest rate that reflects the risk of the finance being borrowed to you.