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A Boom in Guarantor Loan Applications In Jan & Feb 2014

There has been a marked increase in the number of guarantor loans applications in the first 2 months of the year, statistics have revealed.

There has been an 68% increase in the amount of applications submitted & a great deal more loans provided as a result of this influx of fresh applications submitted by the public, this website also has received a marked increase in enquirers since the turn of the year to 2014

More and more people are turning to guarantor loans as a financial solution in the event that they cannot procure credit through other means other than with a guarantor to “guarantee” the repayments for them so that they can move forward & get the cash that they need.

It is thought that the reason there have been so many more applications is mainly due to the Christmas period being one of the more expensive times of the financial year, due to the fact that many households have a tendency to over-commit themselves to the financial obligations of Christmas & some of the celebrations surrounding that time of year.

People are advised however, to consider the implications of taking out a loan to cover such costs, because one of the most cited issues by consumers in regards to not being able to make the repayments on small personal loans is the fact that people have miss-managed their finances from the very beginning & getting a loan does not necessarily mean that they will become sensible as a result of getting a loan.

This recent boom in applications means that more and more people in the United Kingdom will be receiving cash through guarantor finance arrangements, & this means there will be more & more people will be standing as a guarantor for financial arrangements, be it for their children, cousins, nephews, wives, or brothers or sisters.

Anyone being asked to stand as a guarantor for someones’ loan is advised to think things through properly before agreeing to such a responsibility, as if the person who is being given the loan, defaults on the repayments it can mean that the guarantor is subsequently chased up for the repayment balance.

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