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Is It Easy To Find A Guarantor?

Getting a guarantor depends on a number of different factors:

1/ Firstly do you know someone with a good credit rating?

It is essential that the person guaranteeing your loan has a good credit rating, this is because even though your credit file is not taken into account when applying for a guarantor loan, the credit rating of the person who is taking the liability is important  because this is used to assess the risk of allowing you the credit.

2/ Does the person with a good credit rating trust you to cover the repayments?

If not then this can be a problem because of the fact that if you do not make the repayments then the person who is guaranteeing the finance will have to make the repayments if you cannot. Trust is an important factor in this because if the guarantor does not trust you, they are unlikely to help you in getting this type of loan agreement.

3/ Do you have someone in mind who will help?

This can sometimes be difficult if you are in a situation where there are not many people that are suitable to help.There are a number of options around this in many cases, it can be your manager, your uncle, your auntie, grandparents, other relatives, spouse, brother, sister, literally everyone and anyone who has a good rating for credit and is prepared to help you procure the finance you need.

4/ Will the person in question guarantee the amount of finance that you need?

Some people will be more than willing to stand guarantor to a £1000 loan, however in the event that this is not enough and you need more, then you might have to convince them that it is absolutely necessary for you to procure the amount of credit that you have specified, and you might also have to convince them that you have the means and the opportunity to pay the repayments.